How becoming a Mother changed my Relationship with my Husband

How becoming a Mother changed my Relationship with my Husband

Becoming a mother changes your life in so many ways.

Especially in your relationship with your husband.

You now have this other tiny person to care for and love. You now have a little family of your own.

I’ve been thinking about life before my son was born and how much has changed since. I would be scared every single day that I might mess up on something. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to provide the life I had always dreamed of providing for my children. There would be days when I would just cry. I’d think to myself that I wasn’t capable of doing it.

My husband and I were both scared that somehow we would mess up.

I can admit that I had the baby blues. Every day that my husband would leave for work I would cry. Sometimes I honestly didn’t even know why. I wanted to stop feeling that way because somehow I felt guilty for being scared. I thought that somehow as soon as Isaac was born I was going to feel ready to be a mom. That just wasn’t the case with me.

Apart from all that, you also have the recovery process that literally felt like months for me. Also, the zero sleep that comes with having a newborn.

Both my husband and I had to adapt to this change. We asked God to shape us into becoming the parents that He wanted us to be for our son.

It honestly is a transformation. A transformation that changes you and gives you strength where you didn’t think you had any. It gives you patience and you learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and that everything will be alright.

It’s so beautiful to think that our marriage is the solid foundation for this new life that came into our lives.

Yes, becoming a mother changed my relationship with my husband. And maybe at one point at the starting of this whole process I thought that we weren’t going to be capable. But I’ve learned to appreciate our marriage. I have found a new way to love my marriage.

When you see the man that you love, love the child that you two have created it’s an amazing feeling. Your love grows for that person. Isaac has made us into a family. He belongs to us just like we belong to him. Without one or the other we just wouldn’t be complete.

I’m grateful that this is our new life. This is our family.