How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

So you want to start a blog…

The great thing about blogging is that you do not need to have any technical knowledge at all. Trust me, I have zero. You can start a blog in no time and for a very small investment. This post will give you a step by step guide to make your own blog.

Step 1- Sign up for Bluehost

Once you are ready to start a blog you will need a host for your website. This is one of the most important steps. You need a host in order to run your website. I highly recommend Bluehost because they are super easy to use and very reliable. I also chose this because I noticed that almost every blogger was using this and recommending it.

The basic plan is only $3.95 a month right now! And in case you decide not to go with it then you get money back guaranteed.

Get Started with Bluehost here!

Step 2- Choose a Plan

You can start off with the basic plan since you’re just starting off. (You can always upgrade later)

Also, in case you’re thinking of going with a free account on blogspot or wordpress, Don’tWhy? Because if you are thinking of starting a blog and potentially making money from home, you won’t be able to. Free blogging platforms do not allow you to set up ad inserts or any features to monetize your site. I highly recommend you do not go the free route.

When you have a free website you also don’t get as much traffic as you would if you had your own website. Wouldn’t you want to have a site that you can call your own? I’ve also heard of horrible stories where people’s sites were deleted out of nowhere. I do not want that happening to you.

So if I have now convinced you to start your own self-hosted website keep on reading…


Step 3- Make a domain name

Once you sign up for Bluehost , you’ll be asked to create a domain name. This was one of the funnest steps for me. Make sure to have a brainstorm list of website names in case the ones you want are taken. Try to go with something that you’re blog will be easily remembered by.

Step 4-Fill out personal info

Now you just fill out your personal info…easy right?

Step 5- Choose the right Package

Make sure you have the package that you want picked out.

Now, the extras aren’t really necessary unless your website gets very big. You can always get these options later on.

Step 6- Billing info

Once you get your payment information entered to select the: I have read and agreed to Bluehost’s Terms of Service, click the green submit button.

Bluehost will now email you your Bluehost login credentials along with some welcome emails. One of the welcome emails you will need to activate the domain name that you got.

Step 7- Password Setup

Click the create your password button and you will be directed to a page where you will create your WordPress password for your blog.

Make sure to click on the “I have read and agreed to Bluehost’s Terms and Conditions.” 

You will get a congratulating screen once you’re done.


Step 8- Log in and Choose a Free WordPress Theme

Now this is the fun part! Feel free to spend lots of time here. You will have lots of great options for choosing a wordpress theme. Choose one that will reflect what your website is all about.


Step 9- Get Started with WordPress

Once you have finally picked a theme, (I know this took me hours probably) you’ll be taken to a page that says All Done! Click on the blue start building button to continue to the WordPress dashboard to start your WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Now you will be directed to the WordPress dashboard. Answer the questions it asks or you can click the option saying you don’t need any help.

You’ll now see some Bluehost tools on the WordPress dashboard that are very helpful when you are starting your WordPress blog. You can easily add new posts, pages, customize the navigation menu, and install Woocommerce if you plan on selling products on your WordPress blog on Bluehost.

You’ll see a button that says launch your blog. See screenshot below. You should get familiar with your WordPress dashboard before launching your site though. Look around and customize your site to your liking, there are so many features and you should get to know your way around. Once you feel ready to launch your site, click the button and you will be able to name your blog site title and your blog site description.



Step 10- Get to Writing and Have Fun!

Now you are ready and all set to go! I hope my steps made this process a whole lot easier for you. If you need any help on topics to write for your blog, check out 50 blog posts ideas here! Congratulations and happy blogging!♡


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