To my Husband, When You’re Feeling Down

To my Husband, When You’re Feeling Down

To my Husband, when you’re feeling down…

I know you have a hard time sharing your feelings. No matter what, I want you to know that you can always count on me. I’ll never be one to judge you or think less of you in any way.

I want to be the first person you share everything with. The good but also the bad. I’m here for you.

I want to be the one there for you when you’re feeling sad, happy, mad, excited, anxious. Anything.

There will be so many times that I will need to rely on you. You’re the #1 person I trust and I want to be the same for you. Always remember that you’re everything to me and there’s nothing in this world I’d love more than for you to be happy.

You are an incredible and inspiring person. Never feel bad about yourself because everyone has something that they’re dealing with. Never feel that you’re not good enough because you are so much more than enough.

You will never have to go through anything by yourself because I will always be right by your side, until death do us apart. We made a vow to stay together forever. I’ll forever be your wife and you’ll forever be my husband. And what God has joined together, nothing and no one can separate.

I love your sensitivity. Even though many people don’t see it, behind the closed doors you show me who you really are. Most people see a serious man while I see a kind, soft-hearted man. Being a man will never mean you don’t share your emotions. It honestly takes a lot more strength to share those emotions and feelings rather than to hide them.

I wish you could see yourself the way that I see you. I’m so proud of you for everything that you do. I love you.