Marriage Life

Marriage is one of the most important commitments in a person’s life. Whether young or old, it is a huge decision that one takes to marry the love of their life. And live with them a hopefully “happily ever after.” I married my husband when I was 18 and I don’t regret it one bit.

Many adults think that because you’re so young, you don’t truly know what you want from life but I was more sure than ever. No matter what struggles we went through this is the one person I want to overcome them with. I was never interested in the “pleasures” that the world had to offer me.

As Christians, my husband and I wanted to do what we felt was best for our relationship. That was to put God first in anything and everything that we decided to do. I’m happy to say that the decision of getting married at such a young age was one of the best that I’ve ever made.