Seeing Life Through My Son’s Eyes

I see how quickly the days are passing. My son is just a baby but as the days go by he grows so much that honestly sometimes I want to cry. I’m not sure if these are still hormones, they probably are, but it’s just an overwhelming feeling just thinking about what his future will be like. They say that once you have kids it’s as if time is flying by. I cherish every moment because I know that in just a blink of an eye my little baby will be a man.

I try to see life through my son’s eyes and even though he is only 6 months I see how everything is so interesting to him. Everyday he learns something new. He enjoys all of the little things. Isaac is literally ALWAYS smiling. People always ask my husband and I who he got that from and we honestly don’t have an answer. I always prayed to God to make me a better person and to take my worries away. Ever since my son was born there has not been a day when his smile doesn’t take my worries away. I wish I was as happy as him. Without a worry in the world and just living day by day.

I think we should all stop for a moment and see life through our children’s eyes. You will see a much different world. A world of opportunities will open. You will start thinking more positively and you will start to believe that you really can be anything in life. Everything is a new learning experience and everyone is a possible friend. The world is full of opportunities so don’t limit yourselves to the things you can and cannot do. Don’t let a job or a person define who you are. At the end of the day YOU are the one who defines who you are so be the best you can be and start looking at life through your children’s eyes.