Why I Live By Faith

Why I Live By Faith

Living by faith is not easy. When you have faith you believe that even though everything around you is falling apart, you will still see His light at the end of the dark tunnel.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes things come and go in your life but that’s because God has planned it that way. He never said He wouldn’t make a rainy day or take all your troubles away. He does things the way He does because He wants to make you a stronger person but most of all because He wants your faith in Him to grow.

I live my life through faith because I know that if I do, I have everything I need. I know that in God’s arms I will always be safe and if troubled times come He will makes things okay. My family’s lives are in His hands because I know that He will protect and love them always.

Sometimes God will put certain people in your life to teach you a lesson. You may wonder, “Well why would God want to hurt me?” He doesn’t want to hurt you He just wants to make you stronger. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Let go and let God”? Let God do the things He needs to do to prepare you for what He has planned for you. He might take someone out of your life because your future is better without that person in it.

God will never do anything to try and hurt you. After all, we are all His children and if you have any children of your own you know you never want to see them hurt. That’s how God is with us. He is our father and all He wants is to protect and love us. Prepare us for whatever He has in store. Let Him be your guide in every situation and you will always feel His love in your pain. No one said that Faith will make things easy, but it does make things possible.